Get Involved

The success of our music programs depends on the involvement of all of our Olentangy music families.

Our music programs are only successful when we are all actively involved. That involvement can take many forms, from helping with band dinners, volunteering at the Keynote Classic, driving a car on Pride Day or leading one of our other important fundraisers or committees. All of these contributions are vitally important to our programs.


Concessions is our largest revenue source and always our greatest need for volunteers. Every Olentangy music family (band, choir and orchestra) is responsible for working concessions at least two times during the Spring and Fall seasons. Students are also encouraged to volunteer and can earn service hours by doing so. Be sure to check your email for the latest SignUpGenius link with all of the current opportunities.

In order to make concessions as easy to manage as possible, it is also made up of the following lead positions:

  • Procurement/Stocking Coordinators: This role will be responsible for purchasing food and beverage items based on inventory levels and Closer recommendations and stocking appropriate areas at concessions. Time commitment is about 3-4 hours per week in spring, mostly not in actual concessions and mostly on your own schedule.
  • Volunteer Coordinators: This role is responsible for setting up the SignUpGenius form, sending out the volunteer request emails and ensuring people are there to volunteer. Time commitment is about 1-2 hours per week and can be mostly done from home.
  • Opener/Closer Coordinators: This role is responsible for unlocking concessions and starting prep, pointing volunteers in the right direction and then returning to close. At closing, they will check inventory levels and update procurement as needed, double check cash counts for the event, unplug everything, and lock up. We currently have one volunteer to help with this role but would like to have an additional person to assist. This way the Opener/Closer roles could be split and there is always a backup if one person is unavailable.
  • Concessions Treasurer: This role is responsible for handling the money for concessions, making sure money is ready for opening and then collecting, counting and depositing money after closing.

How else can I get involved?

  • Attend our monthly booster meetings in order to get the latest news and voice your opinions.
  • Volunteer opportunities are sent out throughout the season by the music program representatives and directors.
  • Lead or participate in fundraisers to provide financial support.
  • If you own your own business or work at a company that likes to give back to the community, consider being a sponsor of the program.